Matt Gore - Vocals

I was raised in a Christian household, and singing gospel and hymns was the norm from an early age.

In early 2000 was introduced to rock and heavy metal by a college friend and life long brother Gary Howen. Knowing that I loved to sing he invited me to join a thrash band he had formed. Although this band never really amounted to much it opened up the path to other projects which formed the initial beginnings of The Mighty Wraith in 2010.

Mighty Wraith shared the stage with such bands as Diamond Head, Uli John Roth, Tim Ripper Owens and Armoured Saint. During this time we recorded several EPS and an album and played the Jagermeister Stage at Bloodstock in 2014.

From 2013 to 2021 I also fronted hard rock band Devils Dice gigging widely in the West Midlands rock scene, recording an album and opening the Pentrich Rock n Blues festival as well as having material featured in Fireworks magazine.

I was gutted when Andy S initially asked me to audition for Vicious Nature some 12 months or more ago as at the time I was working with 3 bands and just didn’t physically have the time. However when Andy S called me again out of the blue a few weeks ago asking how I was going on and what I was doing, I jumped at the chance to audition for Vicious Nature knowing their reputation and standing.

Luckily the guys loved what I did with their material so here we are at the beginning of a very exciting journey.

It’s time to get VICIOUS.

SURE BETA 58A wireless microphone with GLXD4 wireless receiver.


Andy Southwell - Guitars

"I've known Mark for many years and worked with him on several projects, none of which have proved to be as exciting as VICIOUS NATURE".

Andy started playing guitar at 15 and was heavily influenced by Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen. He started out gigging at 18 with his first band REALM in 1984 with members Mark Culley (bass), Steve Ellot (drums), and Sean Lote on vocals. This for lasted 2 years, up until Steve Elliott left to join Wolfsbane and Sean Lote left to join Rattlesnake Kiss.

Andy and Mark gigged locally with other musicians for several months until Andy joined Marshall Law in 1987. They toured extensively in Europe with Marshall Law supporting such acts as Deep Purple, Motorhead, Yngwie Malmsteen, Wasp, Dio and many more. Andy recorded 7 albums with Marshall Law (with differing line ups) until 2006 when, tragically, he cut the tendons in his index finger causing an horrific wound which nearly ended his playing career.

After several years extensive surgery and physiotherapy he was able to pick up the guitar again. In 2010 after a chance meeting with Mark Culley the lads started to write fresh material, and after deciding to continue with the venture they enlisted Andy Pyke on vocals, who in turn introduced them to JB. The rest is history.


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2 Line 6 cabs

Paddy - Bass

I started playing bass aged 16 after becoming inspired by seeing the Boomtown Rats at Live Aid.

I have played in many bands over the years deviating into Indie Rock and the Welsh Language scene for a while, however metal has always been my passion.

Responsibilities held me back until about 14 years ago when I started working for Marshall Law as a drum technician. When bassist Tom Dwyer parted company with the band they knew that I played bass and so I was invited to play bass on the 2008/2009 Razorhead Tour.

After this I played with NWOBHM legends Scarab for a short while before joining prog metal band Awaker in 2011, playing with them for 6 years and featuring on their “Control Lost” album in 2012.

I have also played with a covers band The Pimps for the past 10 years, also working occasionally with Thrash/Metal Core band Mucus.

I was initially approached by Vicious Nature in March 2016 to stand in for bassist Mark Culley who, due to illness, was unable to travel with the band to fulfill commitments Europe. This occurred again in November 2018.

When Mark left the band in March 2019 the guys asked me to become their permanent bassist and we have never looked back since, touring in the UK and Europe with Vicious Nature until the pandemic struck in early 2020.

I am so looking forward to getting back out on the road with the new line up in 2022.

See ya out there.


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Jon 'JB' Brown - Drums

"VICIOUS NATURE is possibly the most exciting and original metal project I have ever been involved with. It has been created from the ashes of MARSHALL LAW, CLOVEN HOOF and CEREBRAL FIX, this however is no reflection on the music the band is producing, just an indication of the musicianship involved!"

JB started playing drums at the age of 15, gigging with local bands ARCANA and SWEET POISON before joining CLOVEN HOOF to play on possibly their most respected albums, 'Dominator' and 'A Sultan's Ransom'. They toured extensively before the band split due to contractual reasons.

Several years later he re-joined the band to feature on the albums “The Definitive Part One' and 'Throne Of Damnation', and once again toured extensively playing most of the large festivals throughout Europe.

JB left CLOVEN HOOF in 2010. Several months later he met up with his old mate Andy Pyke who introduced him to Andy S and Mark. They formed an immediate musical bond, and the rest is history.


Premier Soundwave kit (I've still not found anything to rival it after all these years!)
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Yamaha hand hammered snare
Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
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Vic Firth rock sticks
Remo Heads


Andy Pyke - Vocals

"I'm a singer / songwriter / teacher who loves metal. After a period of a year and a half I moved on from MARSHALL LAW. I have a new band called ‘VICIOUS NATURE’. WE ARE REVOLUTION!".

Andy fronted MARSHALL LAW between 1988-1993, 1997-2000, and 2004 to 2010, and recorded 8 MARSHALL LAW albums including their last album ‘Razorhead’ released in 2008.

Previous bands or projects:
DETROIT: 1981-1983 (Andy Pyke – Vocals, Martin Tupps – Guitars, Pat Kelly – Guitars [RIP], Jon Kelly – Bass, Jon Mee – Drums, Tony Fennel – Guitars) Recorded: 'Atomic Rage', 'Childhood Memories', 'Untapped Energy Reserves', 'Highway Suicide', 'USA Lights', 'Movin On', 'Metal Stamina', 'Situation Outta Control', 'Cherry Twist', 'I Can Tell' and 'TV Girls'. One track on ‘Metallic Storm’ on Ebony Records with King Diamond 1982. HURT: 1984 (Andy Pyke – Vocals, Paul Judd – Guitars, Pete Judd – Drums, Garry Thompson – Bass, Pat Shields – Guitars). DAMIEN: 1984-1985 (Andy Pyke – Vocals, Tony Clarke – Guitars, Tiny – Drums, Neil Finnegan – Bass) Recorded: 'Cold Fingers' album.
VIVA: 1985-1986 (Andy Pyke – Vocals, Andreas Fach – Guitars, Waldo – Bass, Micheal Lauer – Guitars / Keyboards, Ovideo – Drums).DAMAGE INC: 2001-2002 Live work in Europe, Metallica tribute. (Andy Pyke – Vocals, Milo Zavenic – Guitars, Paul Solynskyj – Guitars, Lee Morris – Drums, Soilder, Chris).

Video and Tape:
THE HOOD: 1993-1995 (Andy Pyke – Vocals, Andy Southwell – Guitars, Roger Davies – Bass, Lee Morris – Drums). Recorded gems like 'Blood On Blood', 'Addicted To Pain', 'Feed The Need', 'Crack Wars', 'Guilty' and a few more!

Likes: Metal, bikes, reading, playing hockey, tennis, football, gardening, sex, writing songs and performing live.

Music: Dokken 'Tooth And Nail', Savatage 'Streets: A Rock Opera', Billy Idol 'Rebel Yell', Black Sabbath 'Master Of Reality', Ozzy Osbourne 'Diary Of A Madman', Slayer 'Christ Illusion', Metallica 'Master Of Puppets', Pretty Maids 'Planet Panic', Grave Digger 'The Last Supper', King’s X 'XV', Racer X 'Second Heat', Queensrÿche 'Rage For Order', Judas Priest 'Killing Machine'.

Mark Culley - Bass

I first picked up the bass at the age of 16 after being influenced by such greats as Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, Geddy Lee and Lemmy. After grasping the basics of the instruments i was then introduced to Andy S, via mutual friend Steve Watson (ex Cerebral Fix bass player and Ravens Creed guitarist). After a few months of playing around with a few riffs and ideas the concept of REALM was born. The band line up also featured Steve Ellot drums (pre Wolfsbane) and Sean Lote vocals (pre Rattlesnake Kiss). After several months of gigging the band members decided to split and explore other musical directions. Andy and myself continued to write and gig with local musicians up until Andy joined Marshall Law in 1987.

Due to life commitments i was unable to continue with music until the early 1990's. When i teamed up with local guitarist Simon Moore who had an uncanny knack for computer programming - this was put to good use with the formation of Black Aspirin. BLACK ASPIRIN was an industrial sounding band which consisted of myself on bass Simon guitar / programming and Glynn Bugler vocals. The band wrote original material but also covered such tunes as Do ya' Think I'm Sexy (Revolting Cocks version) and Supernaut (1000 Homo DJ's version).

In 1996 I was approached by old mucka Steve Watson to cover bass duties in Cerebral Fix for their remaining Death Erotica UK dates. During this period a spin off band was formed called DROWN. This consisted of myself on bass, Steve on guitar, Simon Moore guitar, Simon Forrest vocals and Richard Mellotramp drums. A 3 track EP was recorded at Andy Sneap's studio in Derby. After the demise of Drown i decided to take a break from music and get back to real world experiences... that is until I crossed paths with Andy S again... history does repeat itself!


2006 Spector Euro 6LX (Spalted maple)
2007 Spector Euro 5LX (Black Cherry)
Spector NS-2 CRFM. ( Blueburst)

Hartke LH1000.
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Ashdown 8x10 1200Watt cab.

Darkglass B3K.
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ISP Decimator.
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Korg Pitchblack Tuner.
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Zoom B3.

Sennheiser wireless system.