LUCY'S BAR, STAFFORDSHIRE - 15th February 2013


For those of you who who are unfamiliar with LUCYS BAR, its a relatively new rock/metal venue just outside of the old mining town of Hednesford. slightly north of Cannock, Staffs.

Opening the proceedings tonight is a relatively new metal band, VICIOUS NATURE, who are causing a bit of a stir in the Midlands metal scene. So much so that they have landed a slot at HAMMERFEST V after only a handful of gigs.

VN were formed from Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebal Fix, however this is no reflection on the music that they produce, merely a testament to the guys musical ability.

The lights dim and dry ice rolls out over the stage to the theme from 28 Days Later, then smack! The opening riff from 'WE ARE REVOLUTION' hits ya and its time to ROCK.

Andy Pyke's pipes seem to be better than ever, hitting note after note with skull crunching ease. It's testament to these lads and the ability each one has that they crowd are soon eating every inch of the set up.

Talking of which the set comprises of: We are Revolution, Killing Me, Vicious Nature, Breathless, Fight for your life, Dancing with the dead, Dream Stealer and Bleeding All The Way. Each one recently crafted and ready to rip you all a new one.

Vicious Nature have already been gigging in and around the Midlands and are now ready to hit the UK. They are at present getting ready for Hammerfest and then later in the year a UK tour.