ROUTE 44, BIRMINGHAM - 1st March 2013


So a cool Friday evening in Birmingham’s Route 44 and it is the night that Vicious Nature hit the stage one last time before they head on over to Hammefest. So are they ready? Bet your sweet fkn ass they are. Let’s check… rock poses - check, pounding double kick - check, killer bass lines - check, and guitar riffs and licks - check.

Right then, without being biased you really should check this lot out. Yeah they are on our roster and are mates, but the fact remains they can rock out like anyone and better than many.

Andy Pyke's vocals are back to their best. Some might say "he’s our tame rockstar", some might say "oh that's Andy", we just know him as The Voice! Since leaving Marshall Law its fair to say some wondered how the rest would take it's toll on Andy’s voice, well worry yee not its still fkn brutal, clear and metal.

The bass pounds it’s way through song after song including self titled “Vicious Nature”. The bass duties are handled by the prowling Mark who at times looks a times like he could actually eat your kids!

Now we need to deal with the guitars handled by Andy. What you get here is in fact a master class of the single guitar in a band, laying out lick over riff over riff that drives Vicious Nature through a rock solid set that will grab Hammerfest by the nuts and shake it like a rabid pitbull.

Finally we have to mention JB hidden at the back pounding away on his white Premier kit. JB puts a solid powerful rhythm and beat behind VN, a bass skin blow out shows the power (or badly made skins who knows) whatever it matters not…

Vicious Nature will be a name you’ll hear more of over the coming months and you can expect them to be hitting the Euro festivals next year.

Review by Samh