Vicious Nature – Bloodstock Live Review

So just before Mastodon hit the main stage, me n Debz popped over to the Jäger tent to see Vicious Nature, top lads who we had the pleasure of meeting, chatting and sharing a beer with before and after their set. It was great to see the place packed to the gill and the band hit the ground running with 'Fight For Your Life', a great opener that immediately got the crowd pumping. Andy Pyke then screamed a quick "How you doing Bloodstock?" and we are thrown into 'Dream Stealer' showcasing nice riffs from guitarist Andy Southwell as well as a cool solo.

The sign of a good frontman is getting the crowd going with lots of interaction and Andy Pyke was doing plenty of that! Even the small stage wasn't going to spoil that for him or the rest of the band as they launched into 'Draggin Us Under' followed by 'Breathless' spotlighting JB on drums and Mark Culley on bass masterfully holding the tune tight whilst Andy Southwell shredded out another Rhandy Rhoads inspired solo.

The tune of the night for me was 'The Silence That Kills", the new single taken from their recently released Ex Cineribus DVD, which brought the whole band together as one creating one monstrous tune. It was sheer genius finishing with Sabbath's Symptom of the Universe, which saw the band going out on a different level and left the tent electrically charged, so much so that they had a crowd surfer in the Jäger Tent which I had never seen before in all my years of attending BOA - he did get over the barriers eventually and it was a really cool sight to see!

The Sophie Stage beckons next year for these guys and it is about time that they get their just rewards.

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Bloodstock Open Air Festival – Part 3 Saturday August 13th Highlights

Closing the Jägermeister stage for the Saturday is Vicious Nature, who drill out a sound that is kind of a hybrid of old school NWOBHM with a contemporary twist.

There is a lot of melody in what these guys do, with tracks that seem to be built for the live stage rather than record.

Opening track ‘Fight for your Life’ has a huge chorus that would not be out of place on the main stage. As each song works it’s way from the stage, the crowd swells around the modest Jägermeister tent and soaks in the sounds.

Guitarist Andrew Southwell rips off solo’s like there’s no tomorrow, while bassist Mark Culley holds it all together with a serious low end sound, that dominates the groove.

Killer stuff! Get on board with Vicious Nature and be sure to check them out, if they are in your neighborhood. 3/5

Bloodstock Festival 2016 – Jagermeister Stage – Saturday

Ending the Jägermeister stage for the evening was Vicious Nature; technically headlining the stage they pulled off a standing ovation style performance similar to their show at SOS Fest 2016.

Their chugging riffs kept the large crowd’s heads moving as they found their groove early on. The sound was spot on for the traditional metal 80’s style that Vicious Nature bring; their interaction with the crowd was on song with the bouncing, ever moving, Andy Pyke not being kept caged by the tiny stage and using the crowd gating to jump onto to get closer to the audience.

This was a good, solid performance and really took the bull by the horns.

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Bloodstock Open Air 2016 : Saturday Review

Before the main event on the Main stage we caught a bit of the impressive Vicious Nature at the Jager Tent. We couldn’t stick around for long but if The Silence That Kills it typical of their stuff then we really need to check them out at greater length as it sounded killer.