THE ASYLUM 2, BIRMINGHAM - 17th October 2014

Mind Noise Network - supporting Redline

On a Friday night in Birmingham, in a small venue just off the main stretch, two bands that are noticeably inspired by the vast musical history that the city has to offer were gearing up to play a show. Both were old fashioned heavy metal in style and both rock, hard! One problem - the crowds did not flock to see them. Even in a venue like The Asylum which, over the past decade or so, has been fighting it's way into that vast history and at a relatively small price the crowd was uninspiring. What's going on Birmingham?

Thankfully, neither band were put off by this, or at least they did a good job to hide it and put on great performances. Opening the evening were Vicious Nature with their own take on heavy metal. Their set was full of energy and passion and the entire band were really on their game. They have some fantastic tracks and they played a couple of the tracks from their new EP which sounded fantastic. Despite being unfamiliar with the band's work, it was easy to get in to and very much deserving of a bigger crowd than it was being played to. Those that were there got a solid performance from all members of the band and a charismatic show from vocalist, Andy Pyke, who had no trouble entertaining the crowd with a few jokes too.

Redline were headliners on the night and were probably more disappointed than anyone at the small crowd, after all it was a hometown gig for a few members of the band. But as a reward for those that did turn up they followed Vicious Nature's lead and put on a big show. There can be no denying that Redline deserve the international success that their track King Of The Mountain is helping them gain and that track was part of a strong set here. A heavy set too, even when the band claimed they were 'slowing things down' they showed no signs of relenting. It seems that they only have one pace, heavy. Another thing that was good to see was vocalist Kez Taylor not being selfish on stage. He was quick to get out of the way when solos were being played and it was good to see that respect on show.

These guys will be heading around the country launching their pinball machine, so if they're near you, make sure you pop to a show and show them some of the support they deserve.