With support from Pork and Whore No More

When tickets for a gig sell out months in advance, they do so for good reason and when you have Vicious Nature set to headline, then it really doesn’t come as any great surprise as time after time, these guys always knock an amazing live performance right out of the ball park.

Also featured on tonight’s bill were Pork and this is the second time that I’ve seen them here at the Giffard in the past month, with their first live performance previously having made for quite an impression. Joe Foster, Porks frontman and guitarist has the kind of vitality that fills the room and is a perfect match for the bands audacious stoner infused grunge that certainly went down well with tonight’s audience. As far as up and coming bands go, Pork are ones to definitely check out and I strongly recommend that you do.

Our second support band of the night were Whore No More and I was actually quite stunned to learn that this was in fact their debut live performance, as there was absolutely no hint of nerves or hesitation to be seen in their set tonight, and I also must applaud Roxy Pearsonfor owning that stage like a boss tonight. The band are back at the Giffard this December when they will be supporting Sykko Dolls, so make a point of checking out them and this next gig, as Whore No More are a band you need to know about.

With many years of notable success notched up prior to Vicious Nature, this experience and talent categorically placed them ahead of the game, even from the bands first date of creation back in 2013. Since then, each and every year has seen them make significant strides forward in the right direction and notching up some blinding achievements which include the release of two EP’s, a DVD, a vinyl release of ‘Tacet Somnium’ and of course, last years performance at Bloodstock. I also can’t help but feel that the forthcoming and new CD release ‘Seven’ will also be added to that list and I will be keeping my eyes wide open for more news from the band about that.

There is one thing that no one will ever call a live performance from Vicious Nature and that is boring! Every second of every minute on stage is always rammed solid with something to capture the mind and then of course there is always that caustic sense of humour from the one and only, Andy Pyke. As for tonight’s set list, well that was one that the Giffard was most certainly all ears for and with their finest tracks included, I don’t think anyone could have asked for more. In addition to the prime metal delivered in tracks such as ‘Salvation, ‘Breathless‘ and ‘System Of Disorder‘, we were also given a hearty helping of Black Sabbath’s ‘Symptom Of The Universe’ aswell as the storming Marshall Law track ‘Leviathan’ but show stealers tonight for me were two newtracks ‘Psychotic‘ and ‘Rise Up‘ which will both feature on their forthcoming CD.

Tonight’s set list from Vicious Nature included:

Fight For Your Life
Dream Stealer
Draggin Us Under
System Of Disorder
The Silence That Kills
Rise Up
Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath)
Leviathan (Marshall Law)

Next outing for Vicious Nature will be the Midlands Metal Crusade in Wolverhampton on the 25th November, so if you missed out on tickets to see them tonight, then don’t hang about to long before getting your tickets for that as that will be a day to remember for sure.

Big shout out also going in the direction of Damaged Rose Promotions for putting on one hell of a great night and also to James Prosser for doing an A+ job tonight with the sound and lighting.

Review by Sue Wardle