Rob Billingham

Vicious Nature is a band I have followed for a while now and, like a fine wine, they seem to ever improve with each “tasting” and I’m sure vocalist Andy Pyke must feast on a diet of shrapnel and razor blades as when on stage the man just oozes metal!As front men go he is up there with the best. But this isn’t a one man band as they proved tonight.

Opening with the title track of their last EP Salvation, the guys were straight into their groove and never looked back. Jon “JB” Brown’s stick work along with Mark Culley’s bass drove the heavy riffs which complimented the vocal lead so well. Andy Southwell worked his white Jackson Vee really hard and injected some fine solo breaks into proceedings.

Eight songs and close on fifty minutes just flew by and for the fans out there I did hear mention of a live EP being a possibility.