There are many who seek the coveted ‘big sound’ and few find their prey. Vicious Nature have that massive sonic battery that squeezes your skull and thuds your chest like a rocket propelled grenade. Their newest EP ‘VII’ is the latest addition to their armoury and the enemy best start heading to their bunker!

This Wolverhampton battalion of four have been developing and maturing for over five years now and their newest release is another step forward on the metal battlefield. Their material is brutal and dark but has a touch of old school thrash and a dash of panache if you’re a genre aficionado. The line up of JB Brown on drums, Andrew Southwell on guitar, Andy Pyke on vocals and Marc Culley on bass is a force to be reckoned with. If they had a mission statement, it would likely be a pointed finger aimed at the band name. Vicious says it all.

The EP begins with a tasteful intro that any god-fearing metal fan knows is likely to lead to something altogether more terrifying. And it does. ‘Rise Up’ immediately plants a flag with massive riffs, double kicks to the head and a gut-turning bass tone that is so good it gets a few bars on its own. Pyke’s vocals are delivered in bulleted lines underlining the mood and anger in the lyrics.

The third offering ‘Devil Calls’ is pure ‘80s thrash with a Lombardo-esque ride cymbal leading into a hooky, riff-driven belter of a track. This isn’t full on rapid-fire but nails that huge heavy sound that the album consistently delivers. The slowed bridge features a clean guitar line and slowed drum and bass parts that link well to the opening intro before unleashing Southwell into a dive-bombing solo.

Holding a listener’s attention in the middle of an album or EP is a challenge but ‘Twisted Psychotic’ is wonderfully subtle as much as a scud missile can be. The noticeable skill in the song writing is that it never becomes formulaic as is often the case with current artists in this arena. The track carries tempo changes and offers space for the musicians that provide depth and interest by the bucket load. The guitar solo on this track is delivered precisely but tastefully and gives an extra dimension given the dark subject matter being delivered by Pyke.

‘The Silence That Kills’ is beautifully ironic as Brown’s double kick beefs up the intro before settling into another slice of ‘80s thrash. Pyke’s delivery is more melodic on this track and his range is unleashed to great effect. There are ‘Exodus’ and ‘Testament’ elements in the influences here and Culley’s bass work is shudderingly powerful.

Closing track ‘System of Disorder’ is a live recording from their show at Wizzfest in Belgium back in 2015. What’s clear from this solid powerful track is that the band is more than capable of capturing their studio material and delivering it with the same musicianship and power on stage. This track seals the deal on a well produced, well crafted, well thought out EP that is worthy of continued listening.

Vicious Nature have released a number of EPs over the years now and this is their best. They have enjoyed a healthy touring life on their six year mission to gain a fan base and spread their material across Europe. ‘VII’ is a firm foundation for the year ahead and the battle is there to be won. Enlist, check them out and get a hold of this ballistic missile of an EP for your own armoury. I will be.

You can catch up with the band on the usual social media platforms and you can grab their merch and EPs on their website. As always, support live music by going to a show and see the guys up close and personal on various dates in the coming months in the UK as published on Facebook and the website.

Track Listing:
The Calm Before The Storm
Rise Up
Devil Calls
Twisted Psychotic
The Silence That Kills
System Of Disorder

Review by Chris Stones for


Running time: 24.51

Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

9 out of 10

Being approached to review something by a band is always an honour and it was no exception when Andy Southwell of the band Vicious Nature asked me to review their new EP. I have already reviewed a single from it, so it made sense to review this too.

Formed in 2012 in the West Midlands, England, the band features former members of Cloven Hoof, Marshall Law and Cerebral Fix, all great bands in their own right, and as Jon ‘JB’ Brown, himself, states “this is no reflection on the music the band is producing, just an indication of the musicianship involved!"

So, what of the EP?

It kicks off with an atmospheric intro, aptly named The Calm Before the Storm, before launching you head first into a thrash metal onslaught with Rise Up. And it doesn’t let up! It is full on and in your face from start to finish.

I absolutely love the guitar work on this EP. Heavy, meaty riffs that gallop along have always been my favourite and this EP has them in abundance. Andy Southwell’s guitar playing is tight and concise and obviously the work of an immensely talented guy who isn’t afraid to show he’s influenced by the likes of Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen.

The rhythm section, comprised of drummer Brown and bass player Mark Culley, work well together. JB’s drumming is full of energy and the guy certainly knows how to hit the skins. Frantic drumming is, in my opinion, a must for any thrash metal album and JB knows how to do that with a passion. Mark’s bass playing on this EP is thumping throughout and at times comes to the forefront of a track. These two are an awesome duo and are more than just the time and beat keepers!

Andy Pyke has a typical metal singer’s voice, ranging from the highest notes to the lowest and his vocals are the icing on the top of a perfectly crafted metal machine. These guys are at the top of their game, and this EP shows that, performed with tons of anger, and a shit load of attitude, just how any great metal album should be performed.

As well as four incredibly talented guys, superb song writing and performances that are second to none, the production on this EP is fantastic too. So, what more could you want? Well, a couple more tracks would have done me just nicely!!

I usually pick out one or two tracks as my favourites on an album or EP, but I simply cannot do that with this one. All the tracks are fantastic, and I can’t pick one over any of the others.

So, if you like your music metal and your metal as it should be, then check out Vicious Nature, one of the best British metal bands around at the moment.

But don’t just take my word for it... Grab yourself a copy of this EP, give them a listen and see for yourself!

Vicious Nature- 'VII'

Ever heard of Cloven Hoof or Marshall Law? If not, I'm shocked, as the former is a NWOBHM legend and the latter churned out some of the best meaty power metal of the 90's. We'll forego a metallic history lesson and move right on to the point. Key ex-members of these bands now make up U.K. juggernauts Vicious Nature, and what they have on offer via their new e.p. 'VII', is a unwavering statement of heavy.

After being serenely lulled with the oh-so-appropriately opening guitar piece 'The Calm Before The Storm', things change- Fast. 'Rise Up' proceeds to rage from the speakers, and the rest of the disc follows straight through right to the live closer 'System Of Disorder'.

Now just how does this actually manifest itself? Well, despite the aforementioned pedigree, VN takes an unexpected approach. Their sound is a muscular combination of old-school power and technical prowess, delivered with unrelenting anger and aggression, save the occasional, brief mood shift to amplify the roar. Vocalist Andy Pyke is as versatile as ever, maybe even moreso. Smooth melodicism gives way to snarling howls with garce. Andrew Southwell lends credence to the animosity with thick, groove-laced riffs and sharp leads. Anchoring all of this is the rhythm section of bassist Mark Tulley and skinsmen 'J.B.' Brown. They don't merely keep beat and time, but rather propel and instigate.

If you can imagine the heaviest moments of Pretty Maids mixed with 'Drift'-era Flots, then slam it home with the sonic terror of Testament. Then you have an idea of what's in store. Rest assured however, Vicious Nature is doing it THEIR way. 'VII' is simply outstanding, and there's nothing more I have to add on the matter. Get some - Now.

Review from David La May. US music reviewer from New York.

Comments on VII from Hilary Plimmer. Boss of HILSOVATION PROMOTION AND MANAGEMENT

There's quite a growing level of anticipation for Vicious Nature's new ep "VII" and after being lucky enough to be given an advance digital copy I can well understand why.....cos it's bloody superb!!

If you like pure unadulterated heavy metal done at it's best I suggest you get your hands on a copy as soon as you're able \m/


‘VII’ – (Date of Release pending)

The imminent release of ‘VII‘ has been quite a talking point for many Midland metallers, as this EP/Album has been a work in progress since May of last year. Comprising of six mind bending tracks, VII pronounced Seven, see the Vicious Nature guys push their music through to a new level, whilst still maintaining that full on in your face ministry that Vicious Nature are renowned to deliver.

The opening track and intro ‘The Calm Before The Storm‘ is an instrumental entity that captures the atmospheric flow of Andy Southwell’s guitar and Mark Culley’s bass and came as a totally unexpected surprise but one that really got me thinking about the potential of this previously unheard side of Vicious Nature. Does it work – hell, yes it does and this track left me hoping that this grows into something bigger!

The second track of the album ‘Rise Up‘ sees the band hurtling full throttle down that metal highway with a rousing call to arms and having seen the band perform this song live with their unmistakable angst, nothing has been lost in it’s recording. The melody of this track leads Andy Pykes vocals smack bang into the eye of this storm and ultimately creates one hurricane of a track.

For me, the third track of VII ‘Devil Calls‘ is an absolute gem as it steps the pace up yet again with a hefty dose of mind bending psychosis. With a cacophony of venom, this track morphs its way through the realms of madness and if Edgar Allan Poe had ever tried his hand at writing metal, then this is what it would have sounded like so for those of a nervous disposition, be sure to lock your doors and windows and put all the lights on when you listen to this!

‘Twisted Psychotic‘ is the perfect choice to follow on with as this track doesn’t mince its words or hold anything back musically either – you really can feel the rasping hate emanate from this song through its mighty vengeful pulse courtesy of JB on drums.

VII’s penultimate track comes in the guise of ‘The Silence That Kills‘ which is fast becoming yet another live anthemic track for the band. This track is built for speed and combines just about everything that you could want through it’s tireless intensity of power which is guaranteed to send blood and adrenaline coursing through your veins .

As we approach the end of ‘VII’, Vicious Nature’s parting gift is a flash back to their set at Wizz Fest 2015 and takes on the form of a live recording for ‘System Of Disorder‘. Andy Southwell’s guitar licks hold the listeners attention throughout with his note perfect precision whilst the fury in Andy Pyke’s vocals takes the atmosphere to a whole new level and he just about sums this track and ‘VII’ up with his final statement “Fucking brilliant“!

Overall, VII is a must have experience and WELL worth the wait. It delivers everything it promises and I wholeheartedly recommend grabbing a copy of it as soon as you can.

Review by Sue Wardle.

Vicious Nature - VII EP (Mini Album)

Reviewed by DJ Demonize Debz – Metal Devastation Radio

Vicious Nature are homegrown metallers from Wolverhampton featuring ex members of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebal Fix and their sound is classic heavy metal with a big slab of modern edge. Vicious Nature will appeal to those of you who can’t quite pull yourself away from that classic heavy metal sound and for those of you who like all of that classic greatness mixed with kick ass riffs, in your face full on vocals and melodies that you must bang your head to – welcome to Vicious Nature and what they do best!

I was very excited when Andy Southwell got in touch to say that the bands new mini album/EP was ready. I have been waiting for ‘VII’ for what seems like ages and couldn’t wait to get into the zone. Head phones on, chilled, ready and hell I am not disappointed!

The intro instantly grabs my attention with the exquisite haunting guitars of Andy Southwell. Ears wired back and sufficiently aroused, dragging the imaginary hairs on the back of my neck to a forced erection – in anticipation I sit waiting to see where the journey will take me- and bang- the paroxysmal “RISE UP” smacks me in the face and takes a quick breather to JB’s effortless kicks before Andy Pyke’s angry and distinctive vocals kick in and let us know he is taking no prisoners. It is immediately apparent from the off how good the production of ‘VII’ is, something that for me that has always been synonymous with the band.

"THE DEVIL CALLS” delivers catchy foot stomping riffs, moving from influences of Pantera, hitting Testament and intercepted by Andy Southwell’s accomplished guitar bridge. The bass is so expertly blended that you just about hear it. You can’t help but sing along to the chorus and imagine how great this track will be in a live scenario.

“TWISTED PSYCHOTIC” is definitely my fave track on the EP, Andy Pyke spits out the words and you can feel the vehemence of the story. “I’ll always fuckin hate you “will be words that I am sure a lot of fans will be chanting to and it does make you wonder who or what the song was written about! “TWISTED PSYCHOTIC” is a whole host of headbanging lusciousness that I WANT TO HEAR AGAIN and AGAIN– damn it’s good!

I have followed these guys since way back when and even though they have been around for more than a ‘few years’ they continue to grow and just seem to get better and better. Vicious Nature really have delivered with “VII” which is not at all surprising, each and every one of the tracks is a hit in its own right.

“VII” is an album/EP that is superbly produced, has flawless hooks and riffs and fine melodies. Add to those a whole ton of angry but solid heavy metal that brings you fist pumping anthemic choruses and simply the best of headbanging tuneage, you just have to get your hands on a copy! ‘VII’ will be featured on my radio playlists for sure and I can’t wait to see Vicious Nature on tour where the magic really happens.

Good job done guys!




Vicious Nature – Live In Belgium EP

From the West Midlands to the Wizzfest in Belgium isn’t too far a stretch, and three years down the road into their career it’s where you would have found Vicious Nature this spring, delivering their collective metallic goods to an enthusiastic crowd. Things went down so well in fact, that in playing back a recording of their set they decided to release them as a three track EP, the aptly named Live In Belgium.

With ex-Marshall Law members Andy Pyke (vocals) and Andy Southwell (guitar) leading the frontline, and former Cloven Hoof drummer Jon (JB) Brown kicking up a storm in the rear guard alongside bass player Mark Culley (ex-Cerebral Fix) there’s pedigree among them with influences that take up the heavy metal gauntlet from the eighties onwards, with a nod and a wink to power metal and a more than firm handshake to thrash too.

Seven albums in and having supported the likes of Deep Purple and Motorhead in Europe, Southwell had to leave Marshall Law due to a hand injury. Fully recovered, a chance meeting with Culley who he’d played with during his youth gave momentum to the formation of a new band. Since then the quartet that is Vicious Nature has forged ahead, playing locally and on the festival scene, taking in the likes of Hammerfest V and most recently Wizzfest. Whether it’s a financial consideration or reacting to modern listening tastes, EPs are how the band have been choosing to commit their work to posterity and positive reviews, as too this latest live one.

Each of the three tracks featured on Live In Belgium has its merits, but it’s a curious beast. Listen to one of the songs on its own and you appreciate it, listen to the triumvirate of recordings together and it’s an altogether more synergistic experience, but the moment it stops you’re waiting for more. Talk about keeping fans eager.

It begins with a bellowing introduction from Andy Pyke as they deliver ‘Salvation’ dripping with tuneful angst and rage over a guitar sound that is colourfully corrosive as hard jagged riffs are met with pummelling drums, giving way to a chorus melody that I can only liken to the clown from Stephen King’s It movie about to come and mug you. With a solo thrown in for good measure, then near the end the band briefly easing off the pedal to play with the song’s rhythmic dynamics shows they’re not one-dimensional and that it’s all quite seamless is pretty impressive.

Segueing into ‘Killin Me’ it’s akin to a couple of prize-fighters working their aggression out in a moshpit only for Vicious Nature to add vocal harmonies and come over surprisingly cute as they sing the murderous lyrics of the chorus, while Southwell pulls out a Van Halen-influenced guitar solo to further reveal his creative palette. Aggression for its own sake does little for me musically, but the variety of tone and timing offered over these tracks, and so tightly played and sung, keeps my attention; doing so until the end as ‘Draggin Us Under’ veers between military style thrash precision and early Sabbath downer grooves, leaving you with the quandary of how you’re going to hear more without seeing them live yourself.

Paul H Birch. October 7, 2015


Vicious Nature
Live in Belgium
Release Date: September 2015

Hell Yeah, Vicious Nature return with a vengeance! Having played the prestigious Wizzfest, the band captured their live appearance and bestow upon the world a three track Pure Heavy Metal live EP.

Its that good you could be there in person, banging your head, and punching the air in a frenzy of pure unadulterated love for all things Metal, and boy do these Midlands rockers shake things up! Frontman Andy Pyke has the place jumping, becoming instantly hooked with my personal favourite Vicious Nature track “Salvation”, Andy Southwell on guitar unleashes some fine chugging riff's, combined with Mark Culley's bass, and Jon "JB" Brown's drums batter and delight as the track progresses you can feel the good time rocking, the delight and enjoyment of the crowd as the band work their magic on the Belgian masses.

“Killin Me” in your minds eye opens hells door with its unflinching and powerful chorus, it bewitches you and has you singing along and showing the horns.

From the “Salvation” EP we get the final track the superb and wonderful “Draggin us Under” it stupendous delivery melts your ears with its guitar solo and mesmerizing beats that please and enthral you.

This band as I have said before with their previous two EP releases deserve so much success lets hope it happens as this is pure unadulterated Metal that needs to be ..NO MUST! be heard and adored.

The band will return to Wizzfest next year and hopefully will get to play the bigger festivals as well and get the attention they rightly warrant!

2.Killin Me
3.Draggin us Under

Dave Evans

VICIOUS NATURE.'Live In Belgium'

In March, Vicious Nature, the UK's purveyors of high quality Speed Metal hit the 'WIZZFEST' stage in Belgium and - well, judging by this - they tore them a new one. The quality of the set and the sound is a joy to behold. Songs like opener 'Salvation', the eerie doom-laiden 'Killin' Me', and the barbed guitar menace of 'Draggin' Us Under' see messers Culley and JB stripping the paintwork and rattling the foundations to such an extent an inspection was duly requested for safety reasons. Southwell peels off riffs from his Jackson like his very life depends on it, a truly taught performance that makes us the listener question how one man can sound like an army?.

Lastly, the air raid siren that is Andy Pyke forever challenges the audience to "move one step closer" as if angling for a fight. His vocals still soar in a way that would make Rob Halford lose sleep. However, he never loses sight of the 'show' and is as engaging as ever. Great musicians and vocalists can either slip into a comfort zone or, like VICIOUS NATURE, they can keep challenging themselves and keep evolving.

One listen to this E.P and we can be assured of one thing, Metal is alive and very well indeed. !!!!



Killin' Me
Draggin' Us Under.



The Mayfair Mall Zine

Artist: Vicious Nature
Title: Salvation
Label: Independent Release

Vicious Nature has done it again! They have released three tracks of neck breaking metal to rock you to the core. The title track opens proceedings and like a whirling dervish on speed you are led into a maelstrom of banging heads, and barricades bent out of shape as the band deliver five minutes of kick arse metal. It’s instantly likeable and if I still had hair it would see me wind milling. This is how Metal should be, none of your screaming, growly stuff, although I admit I like all the genres, but this is classic sounding metal delivered with verve and energy with a cut throat guitar solo as the track approaches halfway.

I love the opening to 'Breathless' its lyrics and guitars smack and crack into your conscience, the musicianship is superb as you would expect from a band with such a pedigree, and experience in their previous bands, this should be played by Metal / Rock stations 24 hours a day, its stunning. Final track is 'Draggin Us Under' chugging guitars and metal delirium emanates from your speakers, its heavy , deep and seriously kicks backside! As I said in my previous review for the 'Fight for Your Life' EP, this band will have you transfixed with pure metal vocals from Andy Pyke, shattering drums from Jon “JB” Brown and the truly mesmerizing guitars from Andy Southwell and the thumping bass of Mark Culley.

Vicious Nature were formed from the ashes of Cloven Hoof, Marshall Law and Cerebral Fix these guys have delivered another amazing jaw dropping performance with 'Salvation', I really feel this band should be playing Download on the main stage, headlining and touring Europe, if there is any justice in the world they will get what they deserve, already the EP has had rave reviews and been featured on Johnny Dooms Planet Rock Show. Check out this band I am telling you, in no way will you will you be disappointed, See them live, grab a hold of this EP and the bands previous EP 'Fight for Your Life'! We will also be featuring the EP on the next Metal Meltdown as well!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto

The Midlands Rocks

Review by Dave Evans

Last year Vicious Nature released their debut EP, Fight For Your Life, containing three instantly impressive slabs of metal that demanded your attention. So when I heard the Midlands band had recorded some new music I immediately contacted them to request a copy to review. It goes without saying that a band that contains ex members of Marshall Law, Cerebral Fix and Cloven Hoof are going to bludgeon your senses with a barrage of riffs and full on intensity.

The band continue where they left off with the opening track ‘Salvation’, JB’s pummelling drums and Andy Southwell’s stomping riffs and pinched harmonics instantly see the bar raised a notch, and with Andy Pyke’s almighty metal god vocals we are given a glimpse of what Pantera would have sounded like with Rob Halford at the helm. Vocally, he effortlessly moves through the gears, low end belly-roars one minute, lung-busting shrieks the next and the guitars soar and attack in equal measure throughout. In fact it is hard to believe at times there is only one guitarist such is Southwell’s depth in playing. The solid rhythm section nails everything down tightly in what is a mighty opening track.

The impressive intensity continues with ‘Breathless’, a very apt title as we the listener is instantly battered into submission by the machine gun assault of Southwell’s guitar. This is punctuated by Pyke’s atmospheric vocal delivery adding welcome drama to a song that motors along with a, dare I say it?, ‘commercial’ sensibility, the kind of sound FFDP have been bringing to large venues across the country. Yet vocally, I have to say it is even more impressive than the aforementioned with greater depth and variety. It is proof metal can deliver all the goods but without being stuck in top gear.

This is exemplified with the final track ‘Draggin’ Us Under’, which I must say arrives all too soon. It is a song that comes straight out of the traps like a riffing demon and then cleverly changes gears before you get too comfortable. Southwell’s guitars poke at you like a bar room bully with a broken bottle. Pyke’s vocals are spat out with venom like a man possessed. There is no room for excess fat here, the bass and drums are packed in tighter than a U.S prison cell and messers J.B and Mark Culley shake their musical fists like goading bystanders with an eye for a fight. Quite simply it is powerful music played by musicians on top of their game, there is no room for baggage everything on display is essential to the cause.

The band has produced an EP of the highest quality in terms of song writing, musicianship and production. This can only be achieved by musicians who truly know what they want and how to get it and that only comes with experience. This, however, is a band with its feet planted firmly in the present. The past glories of its members serve only to enhance what is a very special body of work, and this will propel them to new heights. There are large venues and major festival stages that will be enhanced by their presence. Of that I have no doubt.

Vicious Nature – Salvation EP - 9 out of 10

Track listing:

1. Salvation
2. Breathless
3. Draggin’ Us Under

Brutiful Metal Radio

If you read my reviews regularly then you'll remember that I did one last October for Vicious Nature's debut EP 'Fight For Your Life', after witnessing them live and laying waste to the stage and crowd with an incredible performance at the first Rock & Metal Circus Festival.

That seems very fresh in my memory but the four guys of Vicious Nature don't seem to be hanging around, are already back with EP number two 'Salvation' and again they've played a blinder. This is another three tracks of thunderous Heavy Metal led by the seemingly unstoppable force that is vocalist Andy Pyke. Once again Metal Church and Primal Fear spring to mind as well as many US/Euro metal acts but it's all done with a nod to the 'now' and thanks to Andy's recognisable voice and the excellent guitar work of Andy Southwell, bass of Mark Culley and drums of Jon 'JB' Brown very, well...Vicious Nature. This band have their own identity and it really shouldn't be long before we are hearing a lot more of them!

'Salvation', is the opening, title track and it's a pounding, mid-pace, moshing beast of a track that is absolutely going to go down a storm live. Lyrics are spat out with huge ferocity and plenty of melody. I said it in the last review but Andy is improving with age all the time and I've been listening to this man sing for many years. Time changes are placed in exactly the right place and everything sounds superb thanks to a big production from Owen Davies and the band. The remaining two tracks 'Breathless' and 'Draggin Us Under' are equally as bestial and if anything this EP is darker, slightly slower and more 'Vicious' than the first!

My good friend and DJ 'The Metal Priestess' has already been playing tracks from this EP regularly on her 'Metal Asylum' show at Brutiful Metal Radio and they are going down well. I certainly cannot wait to see this band live again and, if you are in the UK, will get a fab chance to see them play S.O.P.H.I.E Fest at the 'Rock It' venue in Tamworth on Saturday 24th May. I urge you not to miss them, please just mind the crater they will leave in their wake!

Vicious Nature are another fantastic new band playing the music I adore and they really deserve an army of fans shouting their name. Ignore them at your peril!!


Review by Rick Tilley

Mind Noise Network

You like heavy metal right? That's probably one of the reasons you're right here reading the pages of MNN. Well I think you might enjoy this...

Without further delay, meet British heavy metal quartet Vicious Nature. Rising from the ashes of former acts such as Cloven Hoof and Marshall Law these guys are here to pummel you with some classic, no frills heavy metal (just like the old days) with some huge riffs, dark vocals and all while adding their own little flavour here and there.

Earlier this year the band released their new EP "Salvation", a most suitable antidote to all that manufactured tripe parading the airwaves at the moment. Each one of it's three tracks succeeding at tearing your face fresh from your skull with the absolute highest quality British metal heard since it's 80's heyday.

Opening track "Salvation" is a true belter with sticksman Jon "JB" Brown starting things off with his precision kick-drumming and six-stringer Andy Southwell's high calibre fretwork immediately giving you the impression that these guys mean business. Shortly thereafter we are introduced to vocalist Andy Pike - effortlessly weaving through vocal harmonies like the industry greats. Finally the glue holding this well-oiled machine together is bassist Mark Culley. (On a side-note it's great to see a band who understand how important the bass is to their compositions as so many modern metal releases seem to lose this in production before they're released.) With it's epic chorus it's hard not to envisage this song being greeted by an energetic crowd's pumping fists and singalong in venues around the country.

"Breathless" slows things down, but really shows off each of the individual member's talents. Far from a ballad you can be sure that the band will be showing us more of this side of them in the future, as the band's sound really excels on this song.

Back to the heavy with "Draggin Us Under" and by far the highlight of the EP. Pike's deeper tones remind me a little of Machine Head's Rob Flynn and Southwell's riff/solo combination on this song is one of the best I've heard this year for a band still waiting for their career to truly take off.

After having the pleasure of catching these guys on tour with Redline last month, they put on an absolutely fantastic show (check out our live review on our gig review page!) and if you get the chance to check them out we can't recommend it enough.

With the release of "Salvation", Vicious Nature have really set the bar high and the anticipation for their album will only grow when people hear what they've been capable of on this EP. Personally I can't wait to see what else these gentleman are going to treat us all to, and you can be sure to check right back here on Mind Noise Network for a review.

Review by James Salt

Metalmark - Heavy Metal Time Machine

Formed in 2012 and calling the West Midlands their home turf, Vicious Nature is a heavy/power metal band with two separate three-track EPs to their name so far in 2013's "Fight For Your Life" and this February, 2014 release, "Salvation". With a formidable line-up in place featuring ex-Marshall Law members Andy Pyke* (vocals) and Andy Southwell (guitars), one-time Cloven Hoof member Jon Brown (drums) and bassist Mark Culley (ex-Cerebal Fix) and the seemingly relentless urge to craft something fresh and unique for themselves this UK-based group has beefed-up what was already muscular heavy metal to begin with! What Vicious Nature started on "Fight For Your Life" they no doubt intended to finish with "Salvation" and that is all thanks to a clear-cut strategic approach that finds the sheer force of this jagged-edge band matched only by a haunting sound that perfectly conveys the bleak despair and total darkness of N.W.O.B.H.M.-infused metallic doom**! For this UK four-piece a EP like "Salvation" is the proper steeping-stone to get from point A) unsigned to point B) signed and adored by the metal masses! Vicious Nature is more then just the individual talents and their respective resumes. This is heavy and harsh dark metal from a traditionally-minded power metal source that is not to be reckoned with or ignored! You can find "Salvation" and the band's other recommended EP, "Fight For Your Life", online here:

*Besides playing with the well-known Marshall Law, Andy Pyke has performed with the likes Damien, Viva, Damage, Inc., Detroit and Hurt!

**A little slice of Jon Brown's past life in Cloven Hoof perhaps? Maybe some Witchfinder General on steroids?



The Mayfair Mall Zine

Artist: Vicious Nature
Title: Fight For Your Life
Label: Independent Release

The excellent Vicious Nature were formed from the ashes of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebral Fix, they have recently played Hammerfest. This band are mind blowing, they are totally excellent and with these three songs the band have taken their music up to the next level and really don’t sound anything like their previous bands.

These rockers from the Midlands UK deliver a three track E.P. of scintillating Metal to stretch your neck muscles to and have you punching the air and showing your horns!! The track opens with 'Fight For Your Life' and instantly grabs you by the scruff of your neck. This will have you cart-wheeling and banging your head into oblivion as Andy Pyke, (A pure and true Metal singer previously of Marshall Law) commands you to 'Fight For Your Life'. Thunderous drumming emanates from Jon “JB” Brown, and I am sure he never quite decimated the drums with Cloven Hoof as he does on this opening track and indeed the other two tracks on this E.P. There are razor sharp guitars from Andy Southwell and thudding bass delivered by former Cerebral Fix member Mark Culley. This band play powerful metal that will have you transfixed.

'Sliding' will please fans of Judas Priest and seriously kicks ass. It slides into your consciousness and destroys your brain cells! Some nifty guitarmanship is the order of the day half way through and is In a word … Excellent!

Final track 'Dream Stealer' is a track I could imagine becoming a crowd favourite. It’s catchy, punchy and delivers. It ticks all the boxes, with crushing blows. The song has everything that any self-respecting Metal-head will love and adore. If after a few listens you aren’t absorbed and wanting to hear more from Vicious Nature ... then there is no hope for you! This is a gem of an E.P., it's top drawer. The only gripe is there aren’t any more tracks!!! I would recommend keeping an eye out for this band!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


Right then, as you can imagine we get loads of demos sent through to us, well last week my good mate JB sent through three tracks from VICIOUS NATURE.

Vicious Nature is the new metal out fit from the Midlands that will without a doubt be kicking shit up very soon. Who are they? Well the pedigree of the band is undeniable, let me introduce you to the lads.

Andy Southwell – Guitar (ex Marshall Law)
Mark Culley – Bass (ex Cerebal fix, Drown)
Andy Pyke – Vocals (ex Marshall Law)
John “JB” Brown – Drums (ex Cloven Hoof)

So they got together in the rock and metal mecca that is the West Midlands and I shit you not the three tracks I got are nothing less than pure classic slabs of metal.

Fight For Your Life is a solid, double kick drum led piece of metal with solid riffs, pounding bass lines and pure metal vocals from Andy, if you want to ask who they sound like well on this I guess you could laminate Priest, Saxon and maybe a touch of Nevermore and you're close (but that’s a personal take of course). The chorus will lead to much head banging and crowd choir moments “I’ll be there”.

Next one on the old laptop is Dream Stealer, Now we’ve all met these fkrs who lead you on then steal your every thought, but not many of us write a song about it. Demonic riffage that is slightly Sabbath-esque coupled with deep and powerful growls really lay the tone for this track. Again double kick attack from JB (personal note here! JB great to hear your back on top form mate). Dream Stealer will no doubt become a live classic when the lads get out, it’s a real head nodding piece of metal.

The last one I had through is called Bleeding All The Way, and by fk it starts with a solid riff and moves into the main part of the track with an effortless swagger. You can hear this band have come from bands that had success, it’s a simple matter of hard work, writing ethics and knowing what makes a great metal track, so I would have been shocked if this had not worked, but what has shocked me most is that fact of how well it has worked. I mean no disrespect here at all, but when some bands get together made up from other bands in can be a car crash! This however is the return to glory for all four guys.

Andy Pyke's vocals, in my opinion, are stronger, more angst driven and powerful than they have been in years, great to have you back AP. Both Andy S & Mark are pounding out face melting guitar and bass lines that drive these tracks and are working great together. JB is playing on top form, kicks that are timed well, solid skin pounding and true return to top class form.

So you if you love your metal and want to check out some great new British metal check the lads out.

Review by Samh

Brutiful Metal Radio

What we have here is the three track debut EP from Midlands, UK based four piece band Vicious Nature and the only complaint I can make is that it's only three tracks! If you dig pure Heavy Metal which hits you like a trip-hammer and takes a few layers of skin off in the process then Vicious Nature are the band for you. Fans of Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Grave Digger and especially Metal Church are going to love this band and what's more there is some serious pedigree behind the name!

I hope they don't mind me saying but the members of Vicious Nature are veterans of the scene. Vocalist Andy Pyke fronted Marshall Law for many years as well as numerous other projects which have seen him play with some of the best in the business, guitarist Andy Southwell has also recorded many albums with Marshall Law as well as other projects and is heavily influenced by the likes of Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen, bassist Mark Culley was a member of Cerebral Fix and drummer Jon 'JB' Brown thumped the skins for Cloven Hoof and others. Of course a group of well respected and talented musicians getting together doesn't guarantee results, but in the case of Vicious Nature this lot have struck gold.

There is something fresh and invigorating about this band. You can hear the excitement coming through in the songs and I don't think I've heard any of them sound better, Andy Pyke sings like a man possessed, and the guitars and rhythm section are all superb. As already mentioned, Metal Church (The Dark & The Human Factor eras) appear to be a huge influence, especially on the track 'Bleeding' and that's a good thing because I love Metal Church. Vicious Nature certainly aren't copying anyone though and in 'Dream Stealer' they have a bona fide classic on their hands which is going to go down a storm live!

Vicious Nature have only been together a little over a year and on top of this fabulous EP have already played at Hammerfest (no mean feat) as well as a string of smaller festivals. I would strongly suggest you check them out and if possible see them live because they put on a cracking show. I just cannot wait for a full length album!

Review by Rick Tilley