Phil White

Just finished watching the new "Vicious Nature" DVD.
This needs to be played LOUD! But a warning... THIS CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR SPEAKERS!!!

From JB's battalion of AK 47's, add Marks sternum destroying bass, Mr. Pyke's window shattering vocals to Andy's unique technique of turning your ear drums inside out and you have, without doubt, the finest heavy rock band in this part of the world.

I haven't included America because they just could not handle this power and dynamism!

Very pleased that my two favorite songs, "Fight for your Life" and "Breathless" have been included.

This DVD marks a stepping stone in this bands undoubted forward momentum.

The future of Heavy Metal is bright, the future is...... Vicious Nature!!!!

Paul Briton

Vicious Nature - Ex Cineribus

I get asked to listen to stuff all the time via the internet. I don't say much about what people send me, I'm not a critic. I think there is more than enough self styles internet commando's out there to be honest. But when I get exited about something, I'm going to shout about it.

Bands come and go “I should know I've been in a few” (awf awf). Marshall Law for example, came and went, came back and then went again. I'd followed their career as I “managed” Dave Martins pre Marshall Law Band “Shadow Lands”. Mr. Martin was (is?) an insufferable prat of course, but stupidly talented, the worst combination believe me! And with him in sole charge of the riffage on the last Law album (Andy Southwell had left during pre-production) it turned out a bit erm “industrial” really. I have never said this to Andy Pyke, but in parts he sounded like he was struggling to find melodies over the almost “Rammstienish” guitar riffs. Make no mistake though, Andy Pyke is a great vocalist. He's been there, done it and worn the t-shirts from Oasis Market since 1980 when I first heard him in “Detroit”, his first band. I still have their demo “Lull Before the Storm” somewhere. I've rated him as one of the best singers in the UK ever since, couple that with the fact he's also a great front man puts him right up there for me.

So listen up, because I'll only review this once!

Some of the promo video's on here are already out on Youtube. I should know, I played “Breathless” to death last year. And how great it was! That chorus! Now that's Andy Pyke's strength, “the hook”. The same with new single “The Silence That Kills” again, the CHORUS! You just know Pyke's found his voice and you can hear that he knows that to, something I haven't heard in his voice for a while.

And Andy Southwell's Guitar playing is nothing short of outstanding. Almost hacking his index finger off a few years ago either changed his playing style or the new found musical freedom after years of Marshall Law's strict Priest style twin guitar conformity has lifted his game 10 fold.

As for JB and Mark C, you'd think they had been playing together for 30 years they are that tight. The three live tracks “Salvation” “Killing Me” and “Dragging us Under” are as tight as the three studio Tracks. I've seen JB a few times and he's doing stuff with those kick drums he never did with Cloven Hoof.

With the six tracks on this disc Vicious Nature could take their brand of metal round the world, but with “Breathless” and “The Silence That kills” they have set the bar for the first album. Get the song writing up to that level for a 45 minute record and Vicious Nature could have a big album on there hands.

On Saturday they play Bloodstock Open Air. The combined stage time these four Midlanders have had over the years, puts up there with the big names, and judging by what I just heard on EX CINERIBUS it'll be some show.

So to everyone who's going to BOA do not miss VICIOUS NATURE headline the Jagermeister Stage Saturday Night. Real metal heads, real good blokes and not an insufferable prat between em...