Steve Danger

Vicious by name, Vicious by nature.

Vicious Nature, the Midlands based musical powerhouse deliver a new massive slab of heavy metal.

Like a steel toe cap to your wedding tackle The Silence That Kills, kicks off with pummelling drums courtesy of JB, and power riffing guitar from Andy Southwell. Combine that with Mark Culleys thumping bass line, and you'll be head banging away to metal as it should be. When Andy Pyke’s howling vocals come in, the track is complete.

The musicianship of this band is unquestionable, they pour melody on top of their riff laden battering ram to destroy all challengers.

Check out this single then go check them out live, before this Vicious Nature lay waste to the country.

You won't be disappointed.

Steve Danger - legendary skin beater with the mighty Wolfsbane

Metal Gods TV

VICIOUS NATURE - The Silence That Kills - 10/10

Being approached to review something by a band is always an honour and it was no exception when Andy Southwell of the band Vicious Nature asked me to review their new single The Silence That Kills.

Formed in 2012 in the West Midlands, England, the band features former members of Cloven Hoof, Marshall Law and Cerebral Fix, all great bands in their own right, and as Jon ‘JB’ Brown, himself, states “this is no reflection on the music the band is producing, just an indication of the musicianship involved!"

Having performed at numerous festivals, one day charity gigs and as support for the likes of the Graham Bonnet Band and Redline, Vicious Nature are soon to release their eagerly awaiting DVD “Ex-Cineribus”, Latin for ‘from the ashes’, featuring this brand new single.

Kicking off with a punchy intro, laden with drums and guitars, as all great metal tracks should be, the song quickly displays all the hallmarks of a true, 1980’s thrash classic. At just over four minutes long, it has you head-banging from start to finish and its catchy lyrics will have you humming it for the rest of the day.

Andy Southwell’s guitar playing is tight and concise and obviously the work of an immensely talented guy who isn’t afraid to show his influence by the likes of Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen. The rhythm section, comprised of drummer Jon Brown and bass player Mark Culley, work well together and this shows in the drum/bass doubling part way through the track. This duet is followed by a small, but intricate guitar solo from Southwell, and then a change in tempo gives the listener a temporary break before being launched, full speed, once more into the neck-breaking metal that is most of the track. Andy Pyke has a typical metal singer’s voice, ranging from the highest notes to the lowest and his vocals are the icing on the top of a perfectly crafted metal machine.

If you like your music metal and your metal as it should be, then check out Vicious Nature. They are at the top of their game and should be considered as one of the best British metal bands around at the moment.

But don’t just take my word for it………. Give them a listen and see for yourself.

Review by Dawn King, Metal Gods TV

Dave Evans

Vicious Nature 'The Silence That Kills'

The new single by Vicious Nature comes straight out the blocks like a runaway juggernaut. The vocals are spat out by Andy Pyke with a controlled rage that s a joy to behold. The barbed slabs of guitar and the 'bowels of hell' bass sound actually manage to dislodge the bridge of your nose. That's after JB's rampaging drums have already pummeled you into submission. Such is the pure intensity of the musicianship.

The band have once again managed to distill all of their musical influences into a few minutes of Speed Metal mayhem. However this time they have stepped the juggernaut up a gear, and are about to jump the red light.

Having witnessed them playing the new single live, I can promise you Vicious Nature are a band who deliver the goods on the night. In short 'The Silence That Kills' is a lesson in controlled verbatim. I'm sure my eyebrows will grow back.


Dave Evans (former reviewer for Midlands Rocks, Fireworks Mag, Rocktopia etc)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

Vicious Nature - The Silence That Kills

The Midland's finest Vicious Nature return with “The Silence That Kills” and unlike the title of this song it is anything but quiet!! Stampeding outta the stalls the band take a hold of you and give you one massive shake! They entice you into a frenzy of delirious riffs from Andy Southwell as the opening draws you in. Andy Pyke's vocals are remorseless and hissed out with venom.

“The Silence That Kills” is going to blister venue walls and shake foundations to the very core!

A Battering Ram of momentous proportions takes a hold as JB drums like a pissed off demon on Ritalin and Mark Culley's bass booms awakening the minions of Hades. This is Vicious Nature by name and they are hellishly Vicious in their delivery, this four-piece rip into your cerebral cortex and they never ever disappoint!

As usual this band deliver, destroying your brain cells as well as giving your neck one hellish workout while you sing yourself hoarse in tribute to these Metal Gods! It’s Always a pleasure to review this band. Everything they produce is always perfection and Pure Heavy Metal.

At last this band is getting to play festivals (one which I would love to see them play at is coming up in Manchester soon, I am unable to attend, but will be with them in spirit!) I know they will win over many new fans that night, and blow all the other bands away without a doubt! All Hail VICIOUS NATURE!